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When the Indian culture blends with pop culture

India is a melange of colours, cuisines, cultures and more. The excitement and the calm. The spicy and the bland. The classic and the contemporary. Poppins is your window to all this and more. It is a celebration of all-things-Indian.

A vibrant dream

Poppins is the brain-child of Amit and Manjusha. Though professionals of the advertising world, they aspired to give way to the creative concoctions churning in their mind. Poppins is their much-awaited presentation to the world. Born out of everything from carefree doodles during board meetings to playful scribbles at a cafe, the brand invites you on a journey of sheer creativity. Welcome aboard.

Online Store

All the products available here are tested & are of top quality at best price as compared to its counterpart brands.