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We may share your contact information with third parties. This disclosure is required to enforce user agreement, comply with legal obligations, to facilitate our advertising and marketing activities. We will not share your contact information without your explicit consent.

Our Vision

As a registered seller, you have access to upload item descriptions for sale on the platform. You will follow the policies listed in terms of use. You must have the legal license to sell the products you list on the platform. The products you sell should not copy any intellectual property, proprietary rights, or trade secrets. The listing may only have graphics, pictures and text descriptions about the item for sale. The items should be listed in the appropriate category. You should ensure the stocking of the items as per the need. The listing information should not mislead the buyers. If the actual item does not match with the listing description, you agree to refund the amount to the buyer. Reasonable Mart reserves the right to delete items or delist sellers if they do not adhere to the terms of use.


We will not be liable for any liability or loss occurring directly or indirectly due to

  • Payment issues from the transaction
  • Lack of authorization of transactions
  • Decline of transactions


Transactions – All aspects of transactions such as dispatch and delivery of products and services are based on bipartite contractual obligations between the seller and the buyer. Our payment system acts only as a facilitator for completing the transaction. The use of payment facility does not imply that Reasonable Mart is responsible for the non-receipt, non-delivery, damage, non-payment or any breach of contract or warranty, non-provision of warranty or after-sales services or fraud regarding the products and/or services on Reasonable Mart platform.