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नमस्कार, मी आकांक्षा जोशी . यंदाच्या दिवाळीसाठी मंजुषा आपटे - सांगली ह्यांच्याकडून Ready to use रांगोळी templates मागवले आहेत. एकसे बढकर एक खूप सारे designs होते त्यामुळे ऑर्डर place करताना अवघड गेलं. Product अतिशय सुंदर आहे. महत्वाचा म्हणजे लहान मुलांना आणि मोठ्यांना वापरण्यासाठी एकदम सोपं आहे. Template मध्ये रांगोळी भरून भोवताली थोडसं flower decoration आणि T - Light candles किंवा पणत्या लावल्या की खूप सुंदर रांगोळी तयार होते. मस्त invention आहे मंजुषा. Keep it up. Future मध्ये अजून नवीन नवीन products ची वाट बघत आहे. All the best . Thank you 🙂

Akagsha JoshiBanglore

My sister sent this T shirt and I loved it. The fitting is perfect.

Prasad MundewadiUSA

We ordered rakshabandhan special black t-shirts and very happy with the timely delivery. Quality of the product and the handwritten note with a rakhi! It has made our rakshabandhan very special ?

Joshi smitaHyderabad

I ordered custom made print on t-shirt ... The t-shirt is fitted exact well as per body measurements. The material is very soft and pure cotton. The best thing about store is the customize design on tshirts. Thank you.

PanktiNavsari, Gujarat

Very innovative ideas, Especially the T shirts with Guitar, and prints of legends such as RD burman, Kishore Kumar are my favorites

Bhate PrashantSangli

Thank you so much to the Team at Poppins Store T-shirt … it has arrived on my son`s birthday and is fab. Thanks will certainly use you again.

Sujata DesaiPune

I bought t-shirt and X-O box from poppins store , love the creativity and quality of products ?? way to go poppins!!

Deepa YendigeriPune

We love the clothes 😍 we bought from your store. They have been worn a bunch and still look like new! Thanks 😄

Prajakta PatilSangli

Products wear remarkably well and just get better! Your enthusiasm and care and positive attitude and passion is really appreciated.


"I LOVE THE T-SHIRTS, they are probably the best casual t-shirts I have ever had. Ill be buying all the colors when I have some extra cash." 😄

Vikram ShahSangli

I have been getting good wear out of the shirt. Its very light and soft-comfortable to wear. I have worn it both untucked with jeans, as well as tucked in with a sport coat. It is great for all occasions! Thanks! 👍

Vinayak ButaleSangli

I was recently at your store, what a delight to find you! Thank you, not only for your expertise but also for you encouragement in making more conscientious choices!

Neha ShahSangli

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