Are all your products made in India?

- Yes, all the products on site are made in India.

Is COD option available?

- No.

How do I take care of the fabric?

- All the washing details are given in the description section of the product.

How do I return my order?

- Drop us a mail at storepoppins@gmail.com with the issue of the product and where do you want it to be picked up from.

Can I cancel or change my order?

- Yes, you can cancel your order in case you change your mind but we request you to only place your order once you have finalised.

Why is my shipment delayed?

- We are sorry for the inconvenience but it's either on its way and hasn't been updated by the seller or due to some unforeseen events there's the delay but we will make up for it.

Can you ship internationally or except international cards?

- Yes, we surely ship internationally but do check by entering your zip code. And also, we accept international card or PayPal is always an option.